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Props: Blocks

Whether you are new to yoga or have practiced for some time, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of props. We can all acknowledge that each of our bodies is different and unique. Props are tools to help us better experience each pose. It helps to create proper alignment so the body can relax in the pose and gain the many benefits it has to offer.Blocks are a great prop to have. I use blocks every day in my home practice.

They offer stability and support as well as helping extending my reach as I work to increase flexibility.
Not all blocks are created equal. While I own a variety of blocks, I prefer Hugger Mugger 4 inch foam blocks above all else. They are solid and firm and the quality is long lasting. While the cost is a little more upfront, I think you’ll find the investment worth it in the long run. And right now they are having a sale.

Hop on over and get 20% off for a limited time with code NEWPROP19.

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