Can you believe January is nearly over? We spent the first part of the month wrapping up a 3 week European adventure and the last part of the month caring for our sweet pup Aussie as she recovers from major knee surgery. Through it all there have been divine moments of stillness. Pausing in Budapest to admire the snow falling with my head raised to sky, carrying Aussie outside to bask in the sun and listening to the birds chattering away, feeling the rise and fall of each breath as I rest in child’s pose. Each moment drawing my attention, my mind, to a place of stillness. And don’t you think our minds deserve a bit of stillness? Let’s face it, our lives are very full. We are often surrounded by television, newspapers, social media. And while technology has many benefits, it also easily becomes a thoughtless distraction, filling our consciousness and helping us stay distracted from what might be negative or difficult thoughts.

The human brain has about 100 billion neurons. Each neuron fires (on average) about 200 times per second. And each neuron connects to about 1,000 other neurons. So… every time each neuron fires a signal, 1,000 other neurons get that information.

Let’s multiply:

100 billion neurons
200 firings per second
1,000 connections each
20,000,000,000,000,000 bits of info transmitted per second

Think about that:

20 million billion bits of information move around your brain every second.

So what if we intentionally sought out moments of stillness? It’s impossible to know for sure what will arise when one chooses stillness. But research shows that stillness is healthy and brings about healing and nourishment. It teaches us to be less reactive and more contemplative. Is it possible to find one day a week to free yourself of technology? What about 1 hour each day? What would it be like to go for a long walk, having left your phone at home? Find a practice that works for you and discover the physical and mental restoration and peace stillness brings.

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