Maybe it’s because I’m turning 40 in a few weeks. Maybe it’s because I had to say my final goodbye to my dad seven months ago. Whatever the reason may be, I find myself being reminded that life is fragile and fleeting, that there are no guarantees. And lately I want to make the most of the time I have.


I love a good list. So when it was 40 days before my 40th (because who doesn’t love that symmetry?), I made a list. It wasn’t long but it has helped me focus on some things I wanted to do or at least try to do in the coming days. I know I will complete over half the items on my list before April 13th, hopefully more. And it feels great! I’m hoping all of you will help me check off one of my favorite items: Make a “50 before 50” bucket list. Is anyone really surprised that making a new list in on my list?

I currently have 49 slots filled and have room for one more. That’s where you come in. I’m open to any suggestions and I want all your ideas. And to make it more fun, I will be giving away a free private yoga session to the person whose suggestion I add to my list.

So that you don’t suggest something already on the list, here’s what I’m aiming for over the next decade:

50 before 50

  1. Visit the 5 main Hawaiian islands
  2. Read 500 books
  3. Help Sooner get the Canine Good Citizen Certificate
  4. Volunteer with Sooner as a support dog
  5. Complete the SD 5 Peak Challenge
  6. Visit Yosemite
  7. Make a shadow box dedicated to my dad
  8. Complete a course in spiritual direction
  9. Watch the Macy’s Day Parade in person
  10. Tour the east coast in Autumn
  11. Reupholster a piece of furniture
  12. Buy a piece of art I really love
  13. Visit S. Korea and meet Seungji’s mom
  14. Try paddle boarding
  15. Try a spin class
  16. Try 50 new restaurants
  17. Visit at least 3 new countries
  18. Create a will/trust
  19. Take Dad’s ashes to New Zealand
  20. Complete visiting all 50 states
  21. Complete 25 random acts of kindness
  22. Ride a moped
  23. Ride a tandem bike with Gary
  24. See Hamilton
  25. Visit the Islamic Center of San Diego
  26. Trauma Informed Yoga Training
  27. Yin yoga training
  28. Research family history
  29. Cooking lesson with Safaa
  30. Adopt a rescue dog
  31. Explore home expansion
  32. Take at least 2 spiritual retreats
  33. Lead a yoga retreat
  34. Lead Boundless Compassion offerings
  35. Visit Nashville
  36. Do all San Diego Bite Tours
  37. Do a zipline in Costa Rica
  38. Stay overnight in a treehouse
  39. Go glamping
  40. Celebrate NYE in another country
  41. Make a wood project with Mac
  42. Visit California Adventure
  43. Get/play 10 new games
  44. Finish The Big Bang Theory- all seasons
  45. Read Harry Potter
  46. Visit 5 new ice cream/fro-yo shops in SD
  47. Take a cooking class
  48. Do a walking tour abroad
  49. Collect eggs from our own chickens
  50.  YOU DECIDE!

Some of the most important decisions we make are how we will spend our time. Who do you love spending time with? What brings you joy? Every day is a new opportunity to choose. Go do it. Don’t wait.

I’d love to know what’s on your list. And please leave a comment/suggestion on what you think should be #50 on my list.

3 thoughts on “GOALS”

  1. Fun read! I read it out loud to Gardy as we were driving . Maybe you and Gary should try letterboxing

  2. How about #50 being a Duffy Ride in the Coronado Cays at sunset…I know a couple people that will offer up their services! Or a poetry class?

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