I have found great benefits by setting an intention at the start of my yoga practice. An intention for me is a purposeful awareness of how I want to act or feel. This practice helps me to be more present in the moment and is often a guide back to myself when my mind wanders or distractions creep in.
Whether it’s a quality I wish to develop more of, a positive affirmation to myself or even dedicating my practice to someone who may need some encouragement, intention setting opens us up to all sorts of possibilities and is often the first step in practicing mindfulness.


I’d like to encourage you to set an intention for the month of April and see what happens.   Use your yoga practice as a time to focus on your intention. If you don’t practice regularly, find a time of day that works best for you and spend a few moments meditating, reflecting or journaling on your intention.

Try to keep it positive. So instead of saying, “stop being afraid,” or “get more exercise,” choose the intentions, “I am courageous,” or “Practice self care.”

Need some inspiration? Spend some time asking yourself these questions and see what comes to the surface. What evokes feeling and purpose for you? What do you value? What would you like to forgive in your life? What would you like to build, nurture or create in your life? What would you like to let go of? What are you grateful for? Notice if a word or phrase comes to mind. Sit with it for a few moments and if it resonates with you, go with it.

Consider revisiting your intention often, whether you need a little extra guidance or are feeling stressed about a particular situation. Call it to the center of your mind and notice how it helps you stay grounded and connected to what’s most important.

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