I was privileged to spend 7 days this month exploring the island of Puerto Rico with my Aussie sister Tania. It’s an enchanting land full of color, welcoming and animated people, scrumptious food, dynamic music……..endless worlds to discover behind each landscape.

The Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello & the First Lady, Beatriz Rossello promote art as it moves the soul, awakens the senses and at very special moments, represents the spirit of its people. In Old San Juan there’s an art installation, “Paseo de Sombrillas,” which is full of joy and fun and pays tribute to everything that makes Puerto Rico a unique place. It is said, “Just as umbrellas move fluidly with the wind, Puerto Rico is a place that flows and majestically embraces every challenge it faces.”


How is the wind moving you in life? Are you able to flow with the wind or are do you find yourself digging your heels in, bracing for what might be difficult/unwanted in life? What would it look like to majestically embrace life’s challenges?

My time and conversations with Tania over the last few weeks have reminded and challenged me to remember that we have much less control in life than we like to admit. A false sense of security, a well developed plan, the illusion of power…..I must admit, I generally find all of it very comforting and quite satisfying. However, life is messy and complicated and unpredictable and challenging. Rather than fighting that reality what would happen if we postured ourselves (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually) to allow the wind to blow us with ease?

The practice of savasana continues to be a great teacher on how to put this into practice. How hard is it to be still? How challenging is it to consciously relax completely? The essence of savasana is to relax with attention, to remain conscious and alert while still being at ease. Practicing awareness while relaxing can help us notice and release long held tensions in our mind and body.

It’s hard to let go of the idea that everything important happens when you are moving and taking action. Yet a deeper part of us is often waiting for moments of stillness to reveal a new truth.

What sort of discovery has come to light during your savasana? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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