The autumn equinox was just a few weeks ago and although in San Diego we don’t experience the change of seasons like other parts of the country, there have been slight shifts: shorter days and longer nights, cooler mornings and evenings. All of this has me thinking about transitions.  I don’t know about you, but transitions are hard for me. Change is hard. Even if the change is positive, the process can be difficult. Seasonal shifts are nature’s way of reminding us to pay attention. While it may seem obvious to adjust our outer lives to acclimate to changing weather, we often forget the necessary internal shift when seasons change.

By aligning ourselves with nature, we help ourselves live the path of least resistance. By tuning into our body and spirit, it’s not too difficult to notice an inner calling to “shed,” to let go, during this autumn season.  Look at the trees, colors start to turn and the dead leaves begin to fall away. The trees do not fight to hold on to the leaves but let them go. And after a time of rest, new growth begins to emerge. Fall is a great time to slow down, turn inward and reflect. What is serving you well right now? For me it’s time in my garden, my yoga practice, reading good books and walks with friends. What is not serving your highest good? I’m currently wasting too much time online and procrastinating some worthwhile projects.

I often say in my yoga classes, “Let go of what no longer serves you.” I encourage you to take some time and really think about how you might apply this philosophical idea to your life. With Fall on your side, consider ways you might shed your “dead leaves” this time of year:

  • Forgive someone. Let go of resentment.
  • Let go of your thoughts and feelings of insecurity. Replace them with positive affirmations
  • Simplify your schedule. Shed excessive socializing and over-scheduling. Prioritze your time.
  • Be easier on yourself. Practice self-compassion.
  • Take a break from self-improvement. Spend this season accepting and loving yourself as you are.
  • Stop trying to people-please.
  • Purify your body. Eat healthy and get your digestion on track.
  • Clear up your clutter. While we tend to associate this with Spring, clear away and weed out what’s weighing you down.


I’d love to hear your thoughts. What is serving you well right now? What is not serving your highest good? Please comment below. Your words have the power to encourage others on their journey.

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