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This past Monday marked the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. Darkness is all around us. This year has brought tremendous hardship and suffering.  People are sick and dying at unprecedented rates. Hospitals in California and many other places are bulging at the seams and food lines wrap around our city streets. People are hungry, overwhelmed and anxious. 

There is much to be learned in the darkness. It’s a season for slowing down, turning inward and discovering that darkness does not exist without light. My heart is full as I reflect on this past year. Gary and I ended 2019 and began 2020 in New Zealand and Australia. It was a special journey as I spread my father’s ashes at Cape Reinga.It was also a time of unprecedented destruction as much of Australia was on fire.

In February I began teaching yoga at Christ Church Coronado and we welcomed Yui, a university student from Japan to live with us as she studied English at SDSU. Her stay was cut short in March when we entered lockdown for Covid-19. Since then, life has been interesting to say the least. We’ve experienced various revisions of stay-at-home orders, business closures and new information about this deadly virus.

In May I overcame my hesitancy in teaching yoga online and joined the rest of world in figuring out Zoom. Since then, I’ve been honored to share the practice with so many of you. I truly believe yoga is for everyone and now more than ever, I see the benefits in my own life as well as those I practice with. Thank you for showing up each week and your patience as we navigate new technology. Your support has meant so much. I’m truly grateful.

Photo Credit: Connie Lawthers

In addition to yoga, most of my time is spent walking our dogs, gardening, playing cards and doing puzzles with Gary. Our home life is simple and quiet. And for the first time I accomplished a long-standing goal of reading at least 52 books in a year!
We were fortunate to travel to Tahoe for a week and enjoyed a long weekend in Big Bear.
In the midst of darkness, there continues to be glimmers of light. As we look to 2021, let’s honor these long, dark days by turning to the light within. For some of us, that light may be shining brightly. For others, the darkness may be heavy and all-consuming. Regardless, trust that the light is there, however dim. And in whatever way, find a way to share that light with others.  The world needs your light now more than ever.

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