Benefits of Virtual Yoga

Thanks Polly for sharing your most recent issue of Spirituality + Health magazine. It highlights a truth I’ve known for awhile now: There are MANY benefits to virtual yoga. Although I was resistant to the idea of teaching online way back in 2020 when the world shut down, I’ve come to appreciate the wonderful ways Heather Smith Yoga has grown and expanded by going virtual. For those that practice with me regularly you have likely experienced these benefits firsthand. For those who haven’t & who’ve maybe been hesitant to try a virtual class, I encourage you to keep an open-mind as you read the following:

1. Accessibility– You can’t beat the location! Anywhere you have access to WI-FI, you can practice. With a little searching you are likely to find virtual classes nearly anytime of day, any day of the week. 

2. Inclusion– I’ve had several students tell me that I’ll never see them at an in-person class. The reality is some yoga spaces don’t feel inclusive. There’s this feeling that if you aren’t a certain size, shape, gender or color, you don’t belong. Not so online. Everybody is welcome and is in control of their own screen giving them privacy if they desire. 

3. Saving Time- This is a big one. No more are the days of slogging your yoga props to the car/studio or spending time stuck in traffic or looking for parking. With online yoga you can hop right on your mat and be ready to practice in no time. Time is a precious commodity for many and a commute can often be the slightest reason to skip going to class.

4. Consistency– Virtual classes offer opportunities to practice with some of your favorite teachers, even if they live across the country. And should you find yourself moving away, no worries, you can still access virtual classes from any location. 

5. Connection– This may be one of the most important to me! Several people tell me they’re not interested in practicing online because they really like the social aspect of being in-person. I hear you! You may find that virtual classes don’t meet that need in the same way, but it’s still a powerful way to stay connected to folks. When you attend a virtual class you are still there, “LIVE” with the teacher & other students. And I always open the class 15 minutes early and stay late so people can say hello, check-in & even have a little chat. This really can go a long way in feeling connected. 

Both real & virtual yoga have pros & cons, & both allow us to stay connected to ourselves, each other & our practice. So, which is best? Whichever class you can start right now!

Have I convinced you? Don’t just take my word for it. Come join our little community and try a class for yourself. Sign up as a new student & I’ll add a credit to your account & you can try a class for free. 

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