I don’t like paying online with a credit card. Are there any other options?

Your security is a top priority. That is why I’m paying to use STRIPE, the top payment infrastructure for online businesses. Millions of companies use STRIPE’s software and API’s to accept payments. Chances are if you’ve ever made an online purchase, you’ve already used STRIPE! Still not sure? If this is a major hurdle for you, please reach out. We may be able to work out another option. But please note, if you do not pay online you will only have access to individual classes, not monthly memberships. This is just a limitation of the software.

Do I have to create an account to take online classes?

Yes. In order to receive the Zoom links for online classes (beginning in August) you must create an account. This requires your email plus a password. Go HERE to create an account. Just click “Register.” Then “Newbie.”

What’s the difference between the Monthly Basic and the Monthly Essential?

The Monthly Basic will provide you unlimited livestream classes each month. The Monthly Essential will provide you with unlimited livestream classes each month, plus a video library you can access anytime, free group coaching classes and early access/discounts to workshops and retreats.

What if I don’t want a monthly membership?

No problem. You can pay for individual livestream classes and/or videos. There is a big discount with monthly memberships, so you may want to consider it.

What if I need to cancel my monthly membership?

Easy. You can cancel anytime, there is no contract.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy! Visit https://app.ubindi.com/Heather.Smith. Click “Packs” tab and make a selection. Click “Newbie?” Sign up and complete student registration (you are NOT a teacher). Verify your new account via email. Enter credit/debit card details (memberships automatically renew each month until you cancel it). Or buy individual class/video credits with the “drop-in” option.

How do I register for classes I wish to attend?

Click the “Classes” tab (far left)

Click “Register” for the class you want to attend

Click “Confirm”

You will immediately receive a confirmation email for each class you register for. You will also receive a second email 15 minutes before the start of each class. Click the provided link and you will automatically be taken to the Zoom Room for class. All three options will require you to register for EVERY class you wish to attend. For students with “Memberships” there’s no harm in registering for all the classes and only attending what works for your schedule. For “drop-in” students, you will pay for each individual class/video.